Personal Project

On Dec 29- Dec 31st I decided to take a vow of silence. Not to be silent but to listen to the people unheard. I sat down in Wynwood which is one the busiest areas in Miami to just listen to people. I decided to do this solely because we are stuck in a digital time were everyone is fighting to have their voice heard. I listened to over 100 stories and didn't say 1 single word. Heard stories of happiness, stories of pain , stories of all kinds. The steps I choose to do was listen to strangers on Dec 29-30th. On Dec 31st, I decided to listen to my family.When the New Year hit my first words were Happy New Years to the one's I love. On Jan 1st 2016 my life changed. I went to the smoky mountains to listen now to myself and I realized we all speak just to know that one is alive.